House of Delegates

Virginia State Capitol Building

House of Delegates Candidates in the 5th District

9th House District Wren M. Williams
14th House DistrictDanny Marshall*
16th House DistrictLes Adams*
19th House DistrictTerry L. Austin*
20th House DistrictJohn Avoli*
22nd House DistrictKathy Byron*
25th House DistrictChris Runion*
30th House DistrictNick Freitas*
31st House DistrictBen Baldwin
57th House DistrictPhillip Andrew Hamilton
58th House DistrictRob Bell*
59th House DistrictMatt Fariss*
60th House DistrictJames E. Edmunds, II*
61st House DistrictThomas C. Wright*
65th House DistrictR. Lee Ware*
75th House DistrictOtto Wachsmann
88th House DistrictPhillip Scott
* Incumbent

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House of Delegates Candidates

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